• English Tutor
  • Master’s in English
  • 25 Years Teaching Experience

English instructor for 25 years, teaching all levels of courses for grades 6-12, with a focus on writing and grammatical concepts. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English and History, a post-secondary degree in English Education, and a Master of Arts in English. I have tutored both small and larger groups of students in writing and ACT/SAT prep, as well as leading supplemental courses in English grammar. Serving as the Department Chair of an English Department for 12 years, I created a textbook to be used for the senior level writing course, became certified to teach Advanced Placement English, and crafted curriculum for multiple classes. I am most interested in how people learn and the skills they need to further or enhance their individual educational goals. For me, teaching is all about fostering a learning environment encompassing respect and relevancy.