Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the tutoring sessions?

Each tutoring session is one hour long. 

What are the areas that your tutoring service specializes in?

English, Math, Science and Test Preparation.

Why CyberEd Tutors?

CyberEd Tutors is a new tutoring service created by parents for parents to help their children achieve academic success. We have decades of experience in education and have assembled a team of subject matter experts with extensive and successful tutoring experience.

How does the free trial work?

We offer a no-risk, free trial that must be utilized within 7 days of subscribing.  No form of payment nor credit card is required.  We are confident in our services and want to offer a free session to you.

How does the money back guarantee work?

We offer 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied with the tutoring service (must attend a total of 24 sessions within a 60 day period).  Your account will be reimbursed after the 60 day period.

Do you have a special curriculum for preparing students for the standardized tests?

Yes. We do offer test prep sessions (SAT, ACT and others)

How do the monthly subscriptions work?

They are recurring subscriptions designed to create a consistency for  the student to improve their academic performance.  Each plan has a number of sessions that are available to schedule for the month.

What happens if unable to use the full amount of hours paid for for the month? Do they roll over to the next month?

Plans are designed to create consistency in the educational process.  If an unforeseen circumstance should arise, you can contact us and we will assist you in scheduling your sessions.

What is the average estimated time that a parent can expect to see results in the child?

Marked improvement is usually seen within a short period of time, usually between two to three months. It is contingent on the retention of the material by the student and the effort  he or she puts forth.

Can the hours be shared within household members?

Yes. A plan can be purchased and used by different household members; however, the individual sessions cannot be split.  One 1-hour session per member.

Do you provide tutoring services for special needs children?

Yes.  We have area expert tutors that will assess the needs of your children and establish the curriculum to facilitate their instruction as well as help them academically succeed.  

Are students required to have payment on file before they join an online lesson?

No.  We offer a free trial session that does not require any form of payment.

How does online tutoring work with CyberEd?

We utilize the Zoom video conferencing platform that allows video chat, screen share, file upload, instant messaging and session recording.

Can more than one student or tutor have an online lesson at the same time?

No.  At this time, all tutoring sessions are customized private one-on-one sessions.  Group sessions will be made available in the near future.